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University of Waikato vs. Harvard University vs. Rowing vs. University of Melbourne

Witness world-class river racing action on the Waikato River with the international inter-varsity rowing challenge – the Gallagher Great Race.

This unique river racing event on the Waikato River is looking to be the best yet, with Waikato University and Hamilton City welcoming top international crews to celebrate their 50th and 150th anniversaries respectively. 

For the first time, 2014 brings two top-class varsity crews from the USA – Harvard and Washington, as well as old foes from across the ditch, Melbourne to battle it out on the water against defending champions Waikato University.

Always a spectacle, crews navigate and handle the extremely strong, unpredictable currents of the Waikato River, drawing thousands of locals to the river bank to experience the upriver endurance race first-hand.

With corporate racing, the Head of the Waikato Secondary School competition, Battle of the Bombays and live entertainment, the three-day Gallagher Great Race regatta is an awesome spectacle and best of all, completely free to all who attend.

Rally your friends and family, head down to the river bank and support your crew.